Finch, Nosto, dotmailer and More

Every week we create a round up of all the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North. This week, TwentySix explain Google’s new keyword Quality Score update, Dotmailer reflect on the annual Internet Retailer Commerce & Expo Show, Nosto explore what luxury brand Osprey London are doing right and how you can do the same, Mabo ask the question ‘does your account manager really care?’ and Finch explain how you can improve your paid search optimisation.

Twenty Six have put together a blog explaining Google’s new keyword Quality Score which includes Expected CTR, Ad relevance and Landing Page experience. This useful update provides users with plenty of information in order to optimise accounts as granular as possible. Find out more, here.

This week, Dotmailer have been reflecting on the annual Internet Retailer Commerce & Expo show. This article explains their 4 key session takeaways for brands. Find out what they had to say about the event, here.

This week, Mabo created an article about the joys of being a PPC Account Manager and asks the question ‘Does Your Account Manager really care?’. Find out more, here.

Luxury leather goods brand, Osprey London have found an ideal way to communicate quality online. In this article, Nosto explore what they are doing right and how you can do the same. Check it out, here.

Finch claim that many paid search campaigns are still optimised in ways that are guaranteed to deliver sub par results. Could you be limiting the amount of profit for your campaigns? Finch have put together this article to explain how to improve your optimisation using Adwords, keywords and software solutions. Find out more, here.