How to Deal With Negative Product Reviews in eCommerce

Many retailers and online businesses are afraid of negative product reviews, fearing they will damage the reputation of their brand and hinder conversion rate. These days, customer reviews and user-generated content is important in eCommerce for influencing consumer decision-making.

Last Mile Delivery: How to Efficiently Deliver to High Expectations

What five things do companies need to think about when creating a successful hyperlocal delivery model?

Why it’s Time Your eCommerce Business Moved to the Cloud

Many hosting providers offer what they describe as eCommerce hosting or eCommerce-optimised hosting. However, these solutions can be built on very different technologies and offer very different levels of performance and reliability.

What is Downtime Costing Your eCommerce Business?

Most businesses face an impact to their top or bottom line when their websites go down. Few, however, are more directly affected by downtime than online retailers, where it causes revenue to grind to a halt and customers to take their business to competing websites.

Why LinkedIn is the King of Organic

You might think of LinkedIn as somewhere that only job hunters, recruiters and sales people hang out, but did you know that there are 9 billion content impressions in LinkedIn feeds every week?

Two Jay Joins Together Group

Two Jay has joined forces with nine other award-winning founder-led consultancies and agencies to form an agile strategy, eCommerce and digital-experiences powerhouse, called Together Group.