Two Jay Joins Together Group

Two Jay will be exhibiting at this year’s eCommerce Show North.

We’ve been busy working behind the scenes and we’re so pleased to finally be able to share our exciting news!

Two Jay has joined forces with nine other award-winning founder-led consultancies and agencies to form an agile strategy, eCommerce and digital-experiences powerhouse, called Together Group.

This is because we believe in the power of collaboration. In an increasingly advanced and competitive environment, it would be naive of us to think that one company can truly serve the whole complexity of customer’s needs on their own… but Together we can.

As a Magento Enterprise Partner, we will combine our specialism in development with the specialisms of our new partners who are the best in business in terms of design and UX. Forming a ‘share swap’ partnership that will enable us to provide holistic and innovative solutions that best meet our clients’ needs, throughout every part of their eCommerce journey.

“Being part of an innovative model which supports all aspects of eCommerce is very exciting for ourselves and our clients while partnering with like-minded brand-led global agencies offers the potential to accelerate our global expansion.” Jamie Jackson, Two Jay Founder


Specialising in purpose-driven digital transformation for fashion, beauty, hospitality, and other premium consumer and lifestyle brands, partners are handpicked based on their impressive portfolios. Together Group partners include Sweden Unlimited, a New York-based eCommerce creative agency who craft digital experiences for brands such as Estee Lauder, Chanel, W Hotels and Kate Spade, to name but a few. Folk Commerce, a design agency who work with Hermès, Amanda Wakeley and Paco Rabanne. Plus, London-based agencies Skywire and 5XThinking an eCommerce and digital consultancy. All led under their appointed global CEO and former CEO of Porsche Design Group, Dr Christian Kurtzke.

The Warehouse Space Challenge in eCommerce

LogistCompare will be exhibiting at this year’s eCommerce Show North.

As the eCommerce business continues to increase, retailers need more storage space to grow. With the current demand volatility, faster delivery time and shortage of warehouse space available, being closer to the customer is now becoming essential.

New smaller satellite facilities have been created to facilitate the drive for convenience: faster delivery times is now an integral part of the last mile process.

Whether small sheds or larger hubs, location is of paramount importance. A major factor in identifying suitable warehouse locations is the quality of access to and from the site.

Depending from the retailer requirements, warehouses need to be located in the right spot to be able not only to supply the customer but also to receive goods from suppliers.

For the traditional “brick and mortar” retailers, the implementation of such development, brings a lot of pressure across the supply chain which was originally designed to replenish only a few stores on a regular basis. Accessing volatile space to supply customer demands becomes a real challenge.

We estimate that the UK has over 400m sq ft of warehouse space. It then comes as no surprise that the retail sector occupies 85m sq ft of this space for high street and homewares retailers and 62m sq ft food retailers. It is also important to mention that the online retail sector currently accounts for 8.5m sq ft of space and still continues to grow.

The availability of big hubs has fallen by 75% since 2010 with only 2.6m sq ft of space available across UK, while there is just 17m Sq ft space currently under construction.

The world of warehousing is becoming quite unrecognisable. A vast underground warehouse near Heathrow has received planning permission. Amazon has announced plans to use a 580-acre lake as a submerged warehouse for goods.

As retailers increasingly move their business on-line, warehouse flexibility becomes an essential component in meeting their customers’ requirements. Whether it’s a large or small shed, the warehouse needs to cope with the volatility of the customer demand. Seasonal demand is not limited to online retailers. This inevitably brings serious pressure on warehouse capacity, potentially damaging both the possibility to maximise sales returns during peak times and retailer reputation.

Disruptive technology has given the opportunity to provide customers with easy solutions to better their shopping experience. Visibility allows them to locate their products, buy what and when they want and access their products easily and conveniently.

Online business also brings a high level of flexibility when dealing with returns. On-line customers value a faster return process. This can be facilitated by either the use of a local store or fast return to warehouses. This puts a lot of pressure on hubs to maintain availability of both large vehicles and smaller vans or even motorbikes and scooters.

Finding the right warehouse space to accommodate the current e-commerce client is becoming a challenge especially when lack of space availability is the biggest culprit. Technology is now allowing portals to support customers with this process.

The latest and most advanced portals able to support the “Race for Space” is LogistCompare. This online portal that brings together customers looking for storage space and warehouse providers. The portal is interactive and therefore able to offer a direct communication between providers and customers. The platform provides a selection of warehouse options and costs, allows customers to request customised quotations and provides live visibility of available space in the warehouse. It’s currently free to use to retailers.

For a long time retailers have rightly focused their efforts merely in selling their products to clients. With the change in the shopping behaviour, retailers need to turn their attention to these crucial areas: cost, location, flexibility and immediacy. All these can be addressed by the right warehouse solution.

The Top 100 eCommerce Companies in the North Has Been Released

To complement the launch of this year’s Top 100 eCommerce Companies in the North, Prolific North has approached some of the companies within the list to learn more about what makes them stand out in the industry.

The official eBook launches the eCommerce Matters series. A series which will continue to explore eCommerce in the months leading up to this year’s eCommerce Show North in November.

The 2018 edition has been put together with the support of lead sponsor Adyen as well as sponsor Smoking Gun PR, with research compiled in association with Knight Corporate Finance.

In addition to the full top 100 list, the eBook also offers interviews with:

  • Becki Smith, Director of Marketing & eCommerce at N Brown
  • Tim Marriott, Principal Product Owner at
  • Dave Lawson, Managing Director at AO Retail UK
  • Paul Kendrick, Managing Director at Express Gifts
  • Caoimha Keogan, Chief People Officer at MoneySupermarket
  • Lesley Gregory, Head of eCommerce & Digital Marketing at Ryman
  • Antony Eden, eCommerce & Marketing Director at Tyres on the Drive

Hit this link to get your free copy of the official Top 100 eCommerce Companies in the North eBook.

Top eCommerce Companies in the North

Nublue Announces Trio of New Client Wins

Nublue will be exhibiting at this year’s eCommerce show North, you can learn more about them here.

North west based eCommerce agency Nublue has announced its latest client wins which see the Magento experts working with suppliers of batteries, gas equipment, fashion accessories and lifestyle products. In the last month the agency has signed up 100% Peak Power, Hamilton Gas Products and A Gift from The Gods, all UK based retailers who have turned to Nublue to help them grow their online sales.

Headquartered in Northern Ireland, family owned and run Hamilton Gas Products specialise in the distribution of gas equipment and installation materials throughout the UK and Ireland. Their clients include Calor Gas, the leading supplier and distributor of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in Ireland. Nublue will be upgrading their current site to improve functionality, customer experience and to increase conversion rates.

Lydia Grigoriadou, Hamilton Gas Products Digital Marketing Manager said: “We were looking for an agency that specialises in Magento 2. After reading all Nublue’s customer reviews, we had decided this was the one.”

Battery suppliers 100% Peak Power have joined with Nublue to design and build a new transactional website on Magento 2, the latest version of the platform. Manufacturing and supplying the most common batteries such as AA and AAA, 100% Peak Power also offers a large range of specialist batteries such as alkaline, rechargeable, lithium and carbon zinc products for use in all electronic appliances.

Trading online and in independent boutiques and selected high street retailers, London based A Gift from the Gods have teamed with Nublue on a retainer basis, to help improve their online presence and continued development with Magento 2.

Nublue’s Managing Director Michael Ashworth is delighted with the new projects: “I’m very pleased that Nublue continues to develop with the successful introduction of our Magento Development Retainers which allow us to work with exciting brands on a long-term basis, acting as an extension of their team and helping them to grow and realise their online goals”.

Nublue was promoted to Professional Partner status with Magento earlier this year which is the result of closer and more successful collaboration with the platform. Investment in Magento 2 training is an ongoing priority, complimenting the Certified Solution Specialists Nublue already has. Magento Commerce is a leading provider of cloud commerce innovation to merchants and brands across B2C and B2B industries, with 260,000+ clients include JCB, Kurt Geiger, Monin, Coca Cola and Seat.

Nublue has worked with Magento since its launch in 2008 and provides design, development, hosting and support services. The agency’s development retainer service offer has proven popular since its launch in 2017, allowing both new and existing clients engineer their online growth by creating long-term plans to implement ideas and strategies designed to improve conversion rates. Katy Wilson, Channel Development Manager for Magento said: “Congratulations to Nublue for achieving Professional Partner status. Their dedication and collaborative approach has seen the results and we are excited to see what this new level of partnership brings.”

eCommerce in the North is Thriving

Research from eBay revealed that the North of England is overtaking the rest of the country in online retailing.

Manchester is followed in the UK digital density rankings by Lancashire and West Yorkshire, revealing a new ‘Northern Powerhouse’ of eCommerce.

Come along and learn from industry leaders at eCommerce Show North, October 11 & 12, EventCity in Manchester. eCSN will be the biggest ever gathering of eCommerce companies, vendors and suppliers held outside London. Find out more, here.

If you want to create market awareness for your brand, find new customers and learn from the North’s top eCommerce business leaders then get involved with eCommerce Show North.



Worldpay, XSellco, Pricesearcher and More

Our Weekly Round Up is a fantastic opportunity to share our exhibition partners’ latest news and insights. This week, UKFast’s Lawrence Jones discusses Prince Harry’s thoughts on smartphones and their psychological impact on young people, Made by Pi ask ‘What is CUI?’, XSellco interviews Creoly’s managing director, Adam Bowen about whether investors are required when building a successful store, Worldpay have launched an online marketplace that allows users to find the perfect payment integration and Pricesearcher explain the limitations of websites.

‘Hold the phone’ – Lawrence Jones discusses Prince Harry’s thoughts on smartphones, young people and the psychological impact of the constant influx of likes, notifications and messages. Read more, here.

What is a Conversational User Interface (CUI)? Made by Pi discusses how you can interact, engage and immerse yourself in an array of digital products and services using CUI. Find out more, here.

XSellco interviews Creoly’s managing director, Adam Bowen. Creoly is an online store that specialises in high end stationary and premium pens. They explore whether investors are required when building a successful store. To find out more, click here.

According to Worldpay, finding the perfect payments integration just got easier.’Worldpay Works With’ is an online marketplace, showcasing all the partner integrations they have to offer. This includes details of over 60 partner integrations, plugins and add-ons, including SAP Hybris, Amadaeus, Zuora and Magento. To find out more, click here.

There are some key factors to consider when looking to branch out to international markets when using a website. Pricesearcher have put together an article explaining the limitations that are involved with using websites, obtaining Top Level Domains such as .fr and .nz and their effects on SEO. To find out more, click here.

Hair & Beauty home booking app launches in Manchester

Gather are the digital agency behind the development of a new mobile app for the hair and beauty industry. Manchester based startup No Filter Needed aim to provide salon quality experiences for women in the comfort of their own home or workplace.
The application, initially on iOS allows users to browse through a selection of looks for either hair or makup before booking a service with one of No Filter Needed’s trained stylists. Bookings can be made at a time that suits the user and all payments are handled via Apple Pay for a quick efficient service.
The initial launch has seen a spike in interest in the service which has been building up awareness among its followers for some time now. Demand is expected to grow following the initial launch of the app in Manchester as the business looks to expand into the surrounding areas.

Daniel Allman at No Filter Need said:
“When we first came up with the idea for No Filter Needed back in 2016 we didn’t have a clue of where to start. We had so many ideas and didn’t know what was viable and how to progress. Gather helped us to focus on what was important, suggested some innovative ways to make the app different and brought some great insight to help us make some important decisions. As a startup and with no experience in the app market, Gather lead us through the stages leading to our launch. Our initial users have remarked on how intuitive the app to use and navigate and we couldn’t be happier with the finished result. The app works seamlessly with our stylist portal where our professionals can set their own availability with ease. We can’t wait to get started on version two!”

Richard Silk at Gather added:
“We’re really happy with the initial app, it looks great and we’ve had some enthusiastic feedback so far. As a development agency that works with a lot of startups, I can say from experience that No Filter Needed is set to expand quickly. There’s a style to suit every occasion plus we built in a reward system for loyalty and friend referral to stimulate the snowball effect. We have big things planned for the development of the app and look forward to a long relationship with No Filter Needed.”

The app is available for download on the itunes store here.
No Filter Needed:

For more information please contact;
Gather Digital Ltd
18-22 Lloyds House, Lloyd Street, Manchester M2 5WA
Phone: 0161 8393493

Automation in the Paid Search and Shopping industry

As described in my previous article, the paid search industry is broken and ripe for a massive technological change. For years, there has been very little innovation that is scalable. To understand this change, it’s critical to address the supply and demand of this industry.

For a very long time, the demand side (advertisers and agencies) has remained much the same, while companies on the supply side (Google and Bing) have created a flurry of new technologies to help them. Astoundingly, advertisers and agencies on the other side are using people and tools to do work that can be fully automated, maintaining an inefficiency that is hurting the return on ad spend (ROAS) for them.

What does this mean? Practically speaking, it means that advertisers have a lot to gain by integrating technology in their efforts to use paid search with the goal to drive revenue growth and predictable profits. This gain may be the difference struggling to keep the lights on versus establishing a huge competitive advantage and stronger market share through the modern, automated paid search.

There are a lot of tasks that should be automated in paid search marketing, and in the following articles of this series there will be very specific deep dives into some of the most critical areas, reducing time spent on paid search and making a measurable impact.

Following are examples of areas that should be fully automated are

  • Campaign building and maintenance
  • Data modeling to isolate critical, granular data points
  • Algorithms to automate complex bidding strategies
  • Handling of mobile performance
  • Handling of audience performance
  • Handling of custom bid modifiers
  • Influencing quality score
  • Making the most of keyword expansions
  • Self-tuning performance adjustments
  • All of these areas are extremely time-consuming if done well, and each hour spent on this takes away from the ROAS for the advertiser, as you’re likely paying someone to perform the work and make the adjustments.

    Many in marketing worry that automation is if this will take away all the jobs for the SEM/PPC professionals, but nothing is further from the truth. In reality, we do not have enough search/shopping professionals, and they are spending far too much time on repetitive tasks that could be automated. This time could be much better spent on analysis and strategy. Examples of this included attribution modeling and testing, cross-channel strategies, brand versus non-brand optimization, tracking results closer to the bottom line (vs CPA type programs), and competitive creative strategies, just to name a few.

    If you’re skeptical, here’s the truth: automation at this level is being used in many companies today, and the search professionals in these organizations and agencies are freed up to focus on activities that have much higher ROAS for their organizations, leaving the boring, repetitive tasks to computers and using the minds of marketing staff to drive stronger results.

    Watch for my next article in this series: Taking a programmatic approach.

    XSellco, MediaCom, Cheetah Digital and More

    Every week, we put together a Weekly Round Up. This is to keep you updated with our exhibition partners’ news and insights. XSellco discuss Amazon’s third annual Prime Day, MediaCom dominate the M&M Global Awards shortlist, Cheetah Digital explain how to avoid deliverability issues, First10 explain probably gains with the digital revolution and Fluid Digital prepares for Facebook’s latest link changes.

    Amazon’s third annual Prime Day took place on 11th of July. How did it go? According to Amazon, sales surged by more than 60 percent compared to the same 30-hour period a year ago and more new members joined Prime than on any single day in its history. To find out more, click here.

    The M&M Global Awards celebrate the very best in multi-market media thinking and account management. MediaCom has dominated the shortlist, with 27 shortlisted entries and an additional four entered directly by client Shell. The agency’s total of 31 shortlists is more double the nearest competitor. To find out more, click here.

    Cheetah Digital
    Avoiding deliverability issues with Gmail (and other ISPs). Cheetah Digital say you can avoid deliverability issues with two data points: decreasing your email complaints and increasing your email engagement. To find out how you can do those two things, click here.

    With the digital revolution, the concept of ‘online’ began. Then came a proliferation of platforms, digital disruption and ultimately increased competition. But, what does the future look like? First10 explain probable gains, here.

    Fluid Digital
    Are You Ready For Facebook’s Uneditable Link Previews? Facebook is removing the ability to edit a link preview before sharing a link in a post. Fluid Digital have put together an article explaining why Facebook is making the change and what you can do about it. Read more, here.

    Click Consult, Mabo, The Big Word and More

    Our Weekly Round Up is to provide you with the latest news and insights from a selection of our exhibition partners. Click Consult put together a guide for the new LinkedIn changes, Mabo’s Lee Mableson shared a day in his life, Gather discuss developing tools for the rail sector, PlentyMarkets explain the benefits of using Amazon Business and The Big Word explain editing vs proofreading.

    Click Consult
    Have you noticed the recent changes to LinkedIn’s desktop interface? This week, Click Consult have put together a guide for everything you need to know about the recent changes. To find out more, click here.

    Mabo Media was recently chosen as one of 5 agencies to participate in the Google Mobile Vanguard program. Following this, they have shared ‘an exceptional day in the life of’ their Managing Director, Lee Mableson as he travelled as part of the program to Google’s European headquarters in Dublin. To find out more, click here.

    Gather Digital
    Gather have recently been contracted by Rail Diary, who supply software to the rail industry, to develop a custom information management solution for construction workers. To find out more, click here.

    PlentyMarkets discuss the benefits of using Amazon Business in your PlentyMarkets system, to reach new customers and increase your turnover. To Find out more, click here.

    The Big Word
    Editing, proofreading and copyediting. They are often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing. To help clarify things, The Big Word have put together this handy guide to explain the difference. To find out more, click here.

    PushON, Bunting, Finch and More

    Our Weekly Round Up is a fantastic opportunity to share our exhibition partners’ latest news and insights. eCommerce Club will be sharing their top eCommerce marketing tactics, MEC show how the art world is unlocking the power of big data in Cannes 2017 talk, PushON discuss what they are doing to close the gender gap in tech, Bunting share their tips to win more customers through creating urgency and how technology can fix the broken search and shopping industry. Find out more, below!

    eCommerce club
    eCommerce Club Lunch: Retailer’s Top eCommerce Marketing Tactics unveiled. eCommerce Club have announced that they will be at Heddon Street Kitchen in London on September 20th to explore the top eCommerce marketing tactics for retailers. Find out more, here.

    MEC shows how the art world is unlocking the power of big data in Cannes 2017 talk. The talk titled ‘Data Human Creativity Without Intervention’, addressed how representations of data provided by the art and design world offer a powerful solution to the marketing and media industries. Find out more, here.

    PushON have put together this article discussing the shortage of women in the digital marketing and technology industries. What’s being done around the world? What are PushON doing to help women empowerment? And how can you get involved? Find out more, here.

    Urgency. How can you use it to your advantage? Bunting list 6 tactics to win more customers through creating urgency. Check them out here, here.

    The paid search industry can be full of people promising the world but delivering very little. How can we fix this? In this article, Finch discuss how technology is about to fix the broken search and shopping industry for advertisers. Find out more, here.

    Klevu, PlentyMarkets, WorldFirst and More

    Our Weekly Round Up is to provide you with the latest news and insights from a selection of our exhibition partners. This week, Space 48 explain the latest trends in technology shaping eCommerce in 2017, Business Growth Hub discuss the ‘Eight Wastes’ technique, WorldFirst’s new video explains their new World Account, Klevu question whether a third party search solution is more efficient than Magento and PlentyMarkets explain their new Shopify plugin. Find out more, below.

    Space 48
    The digital landscape is always evolving, therefore, eCommerce businesses need to continually change to meet the fast moving expectations of modern consumers whilst keeping up with advancing technology and trends in innovation. In this article, Space 48’s Head of Insight, Oliver Lees, explains the latest trends in technology shaping eCommerce business strategies in 2017. Find out more, here.

    Business Growth Hub
    Business Growth Hub Manufacturing advisor Paul Holt, says that ensuring efficiency in your operation can significantly improve productivity and your business’ bottom-line. This article explains the ‘eight wastes’ technique, which aims to help highlight areas of your business which may be wasteful in order to identify priorities for improvement. Find out more, here.

    WorldFirst’s new World Account makes growing globally easier, cheaper and more accessible for small businesses all over the world! Check out this video to find out more.

    What can a premium site search solution offer over magento native search? Klevu put together this article to explain the limitations of Magento’s search offering and how a third party search solution may be the answer. Find out more, here.

    PlentyMarkets have created a new plugin which allows you to add popular eCommerce platform Shopify to your PlentyMarkets system. This article provides you with everything you need to know about the new plugin and how you can benefit from it. Find out more, here.

    Magento Welcomes PureNet as Solution Partner.

    UK Ecommerce Agency, PureNet has today announced its partnership with Magento, the largest commerce ecosystem in the world.

    Magento relies on its ecosystem of solution, consulting and technology partners to deliver its solution suite to global customers. Acceptance onto the Solution Partner Program is awarded to companies who are focussed on delivering the highest quality of service to new and existing Magento clients. PureNet is now one of just a handful of ecommerce agencies in the UK announced as a trusted Magento Business Partner.

    The new partnership signifies the aligning of both companies’ core values and goals – to help merchants grow their business, and to create engaging customer experiences with the Magento Platform. Magento Enterprise Edition, trusted by millions of retailers, boasts an impressive list of out-of-the-box functionality and provides even more options to customise, adapt and scale. As represented by PureNet’s new partnership, the company places a clear focus on the delivery of innovative Magento Enterprise solutions for retailers and brands looking to rapidly grow their businesses.

    To ensure its Solution Partner Program is representative of the industry’s finest, requirements for acceptance include Magento Certified Developers, expert Magento Specialists and a number of successful Magento implementations – all of which have been demonstrated by PureNet. The company, with offices in York, London, Manchester and Birmingham, has delivered Magento Enterprise and Community ecommerce solutions for clients including The Royal British Legion, LighterLife and Travelopia.

    PureNet Chief Executive, Dr Paul M Gibson, said: “We are delighted to be accepted into the Magento Solution Partner Program. Our focus always has and will be on delivering innovative and effective ecommerce solutions. Working with Magento, the most flexible commerce solution in the world, our team is able to consistently develop solutions that deliver real competitive advantage for PureNet clients. Our new partnership with Magento enables us to remain at the forefront of our industry and our development expertise in Magento Enterprise Edition showcases our ability to deliver unique and engaging shopping experiences. We are very much looking forward to being part of the ecosystem and working alongside Magento!”

    For more information visit

    Blueclaw, Payoneer, Bronto and More!

    Every week we create a round up of all the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North. Blueclaw question if all press really is good press, Tech North discuss the digital skills gap in the UK, Bronto explain how to provide shoppers with the delivery options they demand, Payoneer explain how to create an effective landing page and digitl are a part of the Northern eCommerce Awards. Find out more, below.

    Some claim that PR ‘disasters’ can also be positive for brands when dealt with correctly. Blueclaw have put together some recent examples of social marketing campaigns that question whether any press is good press. Find out more here.

    Tech North
    What do we need to get people into digital jobs? Tech North discuss what employers are doing wrong, how diversity is a huge problem, how we talk about careers in tech and how we can get everyone to work together on this issue. Find out more here.

    Bronto discuss reducing carrier costs and providing shoppers the delivery options they demand. Is it possible? Definitely. Find out more, here.

    Effective landing pages are the key to succeeding in eCommerce. Design, layout and content are all important factors into the engagement and response of the site visitor. Payoneer have put together an article explaining how you can create a landing page that will convert. Find out more, here.

    Digitl have recently announced that their Founder and Head of Agency is part of the judging line-up for Northern eCommerce Awards 2017. You can check out the full list of judges and more information about the event, here.

    Payoneer, Klevu, Digital People and More

    Our Weekly Round Up, is a collection of the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners. This week, Payoneer have put together a guide for how to use their software to manage multiple marketplaces in one place, Klevu explain why fashion retailers are investing in search, thebigword show how specialist technology can increase efficiency when booking interpreters, Click Consult explain why you need to be at Benchmark Search Conference 2017 and Digital People question if office perks are worth their money.

    Payoneer’s My Store Manager enables users to manage multiple marketplaces in one centralised location. Payoneer have put together a step by step guide on how to set up this new service to help you succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. To read more, click here.

    Fashion retailers are continually looking for ways to improve what they are offering to customers. Larger fashion stores have started to invest in search. Klevu have put together an article explaining the challenges they face and how on site search can be used to solve them. To read more, click here.

    It has become a time consuming task to secure an interpreter for face-to-face bookings. thebigword have put together an article that explains how specialist technology could dramatically change efficiency so that bookings can be made in their thousands in minutes. To find out more, click here.

    Click Consult
    Europe’s top search marketing innovators will be at Benchmark Search Conference 2017. It will be taking place 21st September 2017 at Manchester Bridgewater Hall and this year it’s bigger than ever! Click Consult have put together this article to explain why you need to be there and how you can get yourself a ticket. You can find more information, here.

    Digital People
    Blockbuster digital companies such as Google, Amazon and AirBnB offer perks that remove the barriers between work and life. Digital People use this article to question whether the perks are improving morale or if they are actually detrimental to work life and employees health. To find out more, click here.

    Digitaloft, Endless Gain, Mabo and More

    Every week we create a round up of all the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North. This week, Temando set out to demystify US sales tax on shipping charges, Digitl discuss the benefits of using Amazon Barcodes, Mabo share statistics based on how user behaviour has changed, Endless Gain explain how to find lost revenue and James Brockbank invited 9 local SEO experts to explain the secrets of Successful SEO.

    Last month, James Brockbank from Digitaloft was published in Search Engine Journal. The post is a great insight into the secrets of successful SEO from the perspective of 9 local SEO experts. To read more, click here.

    Endless Gain
    Endless Gain explain how to find lost revenue without creating a single experiment. To find out more, click here.

    PPC advertising is an ever changing platform and pay per click management company Mabo are constantly adapting their advertising methods to stay one step ahead. This week, they have put together some interesting statistics based on how user behaviour has changed. Read more, here.

    Frequently asked questions about saving money, increasing visibility and getting more sales when using Amazon Barcodes. To read more, click here.

    This week, Temando set out to demystify US sales tax on shipping charges. They invited subject matter expert – Jennifer Dunn, Chief of Content at TaxJarnto share her top tips. Read more, here.

    Nosto, Finch, Dotmailer and More

    Our Weekly Round Up is the perfect opportunity to share the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners. UKFast are named the fifth greatest mid-sized workplace in the UK, Business Growth Hub explain how you can get started on your own PR, Nosto share how and why you should be advertising on Facebook, Finch show us how to get the best out of Google’s latest ‘exact match’ announcement and Dotmailer interview their content manager Ross Banard regarding their biggest and best email marketing benchmark report to day.

    What’s it like being part of team UKFast? This week, they were named the fifth greatest mid-sized workplace in the UK. This comes weeks after being named the best place to work in Manchester and fifth in the country by the Sunday Times best companies team. Find out what they’re doing right, here.

    Business Growth Hub
    Simple, effective and strategic. Business Growth Hub explain how you can get started on your own PR, the right way. Find out more, here.

    Not advertising on Facebook? In this post, Nosto explain why Facebook is more than a platform used to post memes, selfies and dog photos. Could it be the platform to change the ecommerce world as a hugely powerful business tool? Read more, here.

    The death of exact match? This week, Finch explain how Google’s latest announcement regarding ‘exact match’ may actually have a positive impact on the world of search. Find out what they had to say about the recent changes, here.

    This week, Dotmailer grabbed an interview with Ross Banard. Dotmailer’s Content Manager and author of Hitting the Mark 2017 – their biggest and best email marketing benchmark report to date. Find out what he had to say, here.

    Nublue Kick Off New Clubline Football Website

    Lancaster based eCommerce agency Nublue have kicked off a brand new website for football brand, This is following a full redesign using the open source ecommerce platform, Magento.

    Clubline offers a wide selection of the leading brands in football such as Nike, Adidas, Prostar and many more. The sports eCommerce site were looking for a site that was modern with a conversion focused layout/design using Magento Enterprise.

    The new website is mobile optimised and features impressive new features that allow customers to personalise kits and other clothing items/sports accessories with ease. They can add names and numbers to kits whilst being able to visualise any changes pre-purchase.

    Matt Hutchinson – agency head at Nublue, explained more:
    “A vital aspect of the rebuild and incredibly important to the client was to make improvements in user experience and make the customer’s path to purchase a smoother and easier route to take. A lot of research went into ensuring that well-informed decisions were made at every stage of the design and layout process. Everything from the site’s navigation to the placement of ‘call to actions’ help a customer easily progress from landing page to checkout.”

    The sports eCommerce business have experienced positive results since the launch of the website with impressive improvement statistics. Conversion is up 63.58 per cent and transactions by 41.72 per cent. John Leonard – web manager for the brand seemed to be extremely happy with the outcome. “Nublue are professional in approach and rigorous in application. They’re proving to be a pleasure to work with an excellent partner in our eCommerce related activities”.

    Another exciting and successful website launch for Nublue continuing on from their positive start to the year. Nublue will also be exhibiting at eCommerce Show North in October 2017.

    UKFast, PushON, BlueClaw and More

    Our Weekly Round Up is a collection of all the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North. This week, Gather explain the basic features of Web Animations API, PushON prepare for their next big Magento Meetup, UKFast question whether we should be working from home instead of bothering with the stressful daily commute, blueclaw find out who is the leading travel portal this week and Bronto look back on their annual Summit.

    Gather Digital
    This week, Gather published a post introducing Web Animations API, which is a modern browser feature for creating animations. To read a summary of WAAPI’s basic features, click here.

    PushON are preparing for their next big Magento Meetup on the 17th of May at Steamhaus in the Northern Quarter, Manchester. The lineup of speakers is looking impressive with appearances from Magento, Temando and Steamhaus with more names to be announced. To book a place at the event or find out more, click here.

    Train strikes, snow storms, poorly kids? This week, UKFast discuss allowing employees to do their day’s work from the comfort of home to avoid the stress of the daily commute. To read more, click here.

    This week, Blueclaw find out who is the leading travel portal according to keywords, organic traffic and branded search volume. Find out more, here.

    Bronto Summit took place this week, bringing together some of the most influential minds in commerce and retail. One of those being retail innovator ‘Uri Minkoff’, co-founder and CEO of Rebecca Minkoff. This post discusses his appearance at Bronto Summit 2017, where he delivered one of the most memorable keynote speeches in the event’s history. Read more, here.

    eCommerce Club, PureClarity, Steamhaus and More

    Every week we create a round up of all the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North. This week, eCommerce Club explain location based digital ad campaigns, 2J Commerce announce the aquisition of, Click Consult share how Google’s new Mobile Sites exam works, Steamhaus explain why they think GitLab chose to stick with the cloud and PureClarity triumph at the 2017 European Software Awards.

    eCommerce Club
    eCommerce Club explain location based digital ad campaigns that react to real-time events. This is following the announcement that location data firm Blis and marketing company TVTY would be teaming up to create personalised, location-powered ads. Read more, here.

    2J Commerce
    2J Commerce had an exciting start to the year when they announced the aquisition of Irish Magento Agency “”. 2J will aid their growth and firmly establish as a leading tech partner in Dublin. Read more about the exciting takeover, here.

    Click Consult
    This week, Click Consult explained Google’s new ‘Mobile Sites’ exam and what it tells us about the future of search. Read more, here.

    Last month, GitLab announced that they were choosing to stick with the cloud instead of moving to a bare metal solution. In this post, Steamhaus list the stand out reasons that convinced them to stay on the cloud. Read more, here.

    The European Software Awards 2017 took place at the beginning of the month. PureClarity picked up their second European award win after winning Big Data, IoT or Analytics Solution of the Year at the European IT & Software Excellence Awards 2017. Read more about the awards and winners, here.

    World First, Space 48, Click Consult and More

    Each week we like to keep up-to-date with our exhibition partners by sharing their latest news and insights. This week we’re featuring Space 48’s ‘Magento Imagine’ mini guide, World First explain 4 ways to finance your international trading plans, Click Consult’s insights into disruptive technologies, Fat Media announce that they are going for gold with Umbraco and Dream Agility explain how to value your sales leads as if they occurred online.

    Space 48

    With Magneto Imagine 2017 now happening in Las Vegas, Space 48 have put together this handy preview guide to give you all of the key information and exciting things happening at the event. You can check it out, here.

    World First

    In this post, World First have put together a few ways to finance your plans to get the most out of international trading. Find out more, here.

    Click Consult

    Disruptive technologies are changing search marketing, Click Consult explain how and why the industry should react. Find out more, here.

    Fat Media

    This month, Fat Media announced that they are now an Umbraco Gold Partner agency. To find out more about Fat Media and Umbraco, click here.

    Dream Agility

    This post explains how Dream Agility have made it possible to give lead generation websites, whose sales are offline, the same advantages as online-only retailers. Read more, here.

    UKFast, NuBlue, Mabo and More

    Our Weekly Round Up shares insights and news from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North. This week we’re featuring Mabo’s insights into PPC, UKFast’s reasons to be cheerful, NuBlue explain how to grab a viewer’s attention, dotmailer discuss how to bounce back after a blunder and Digitl announce the return of the Manchester Multichannel Conference.

    NuBlue – 8 Seconds Away
    In this post, Nublue explain how video content creators have 8 seconds to grab a viewers attention and if you have not gained their attention in that time they will move on to something else. They also explain how the perfect video placed on an eCommerce website can really help to increase sales. You can read more, here.

    UKFast – Reasons to be Cheerful
    This week, UKFast celebrated Internaional Day of Happiness by posting four reasons to be cheerful. You can check them out, here.

    In this blog, Mabo discuss Pay Per Click management and why it is so important. They also explain what you should be looking for in a PPC management agency so you can get the most out of your paid ads. You can read more, here.

    dotmailer – How to bounce back after a mistake
    Everyone makes mistakes now and then, the most important thing is learning how to recover. In this post, dotmailer explain how to bounce back after making an email marketing blunder. You can read all about it, here.

    Digitl – The Manchester Multichannel Conference 2017
    This week Digitl announced the return of the Manchester Multichannel Conference 2017. If you would like to register or find out more about the event, click here.

    Endless Gain, Finch and Nosto

    This week we’re featuring Endless Gain’s research into the Pain of Paying, advice from Finch about Adwords Attribution and Nosto share 3 brands with fantastic blogs and what you can learn from them.

    Endless Gain – The Pain of Paying
    In this post, Endless Gain explain the psychology behind the ‘Pain of Paying’. This is where consumers factor in how much they want to purchase whatever is on offer and the pain they feel as a result of spending the money. To read more, click here.

    Finch – How Adwords Attribution leads to more Successful Campaigns
    This week, Finch explain Adwords Attribution and how it can be used to influence customers earlier in the clickstream and how it can better manipulate the allocation of your spend based on what adverts and keywords the user engages with before purchasing. To read more, click here.

    Nosto- 3 Brands with Great Blogs and What you can learn from them
    In this blog, Nosto shares three brands who are using their blogs to build relationships with their customers, show brand personality and also to position their stock in an ‘aspirational and inspiring way’. To read more, click here.

    Temando, Bronto and Business Growth Hub

    Every week we will be sharing insights and news from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North.
    This week we’ll be looking at Temando’s research into Baby Boomers, Bronto’s quick fix for Email Engagement and Business Growth Hub’s secret to success.

    Temando – Buying Into Baby Boomers
    After surveying 4128 shoppers around the world, Temando were able to uncover the online shopping habits and expectations of Baby Boomers. This blog shows 3 reasons why retailers should rethink their approach to this lucrative age group. To read more, click here.

    Bronto – A Quick Fix for Email Engagement
    Engagement, strategy and re-engagement. In this blog, Bronto offer a quick fix for increasing email engagement and avoiding the dreaded spam folder. To read more, click here.

    Business Growth Hub – Women in Manufacturing – the secret to her success?
    Business Growth Hub celebrates International Women’s Day by producing a series of blogs to look closely at the role of women within different business sectors. This blog explores women in the manufacturing sector and what can be done to encourage more women to consider a career in the industry. To read more, click here.

    To see the full list of exhibitors, click here.

    New Exhibitor Update

    We are thrilled to announce that some of the world’s best eCommerce talent is being drawn to eCommerce Show North. Here are some of the fantastic companies that are already involved:
    Endless Gain
    Space 48
    Business Growth Hub
    Click Consult
    CTI Digital
    Digital People
    Dream Agility
    eCommerce Club
    Fat Media
    Fluid Digital


    Welcome to eCommerce Show North

    Brought to you by Prolific North and Don’t Panic Events, eCommerce Show North is the only exhibition outside of London dedicated to eCommerce and reflects the huge commercial marketplace that is the North.

    Taking place over two days in October 2017 at EventCity, Manchester, eCSN will be the biggest ever gathering of eCommerce companies, vendors and suppliers held outside London.

    eCSN will feature leading exponents of eCommerce with businesses specialising in the full range of available services and solutions. Partner Pavilions will promote and market key themes such as Platforms, Payments, Analytics, Security, Marketing, Hosting, Backbone, Logistics, Mobile, Hardware and Innovation.

    Theatre spaces will host industry leader presentations and specialist businesses talks, conference sessions and seminars.

    eCSN is dedicated to eCommerce and reflects the huge commercial marketplace that exists beyond the capital and the large number of businesses successfully growing and looking for new suppliers in the north.

    With over 120 businesses exhibiting and the capacity for thousands of attendees, this event will become a key eCommerce expo for years to come.

    To find out how your business can get involved in eCommerce Show North, please contact Martyn Collins on 07764 406873 or by emailing