Stein IAS, Steamhaus, UKFast and More

Every week we create a round up of all the latest news and insights from our exhibition partners at eCommerce Show North. This week, VisualSoft described 5 ways you can enhance conversion rates using overlays, Stein IAS explain why post-modern marketing is so important, Steamhaus explain AWS’ 42% jump in revenue, PriceSearcher put together an infographic explaining the search trends based on their 1 million+ searches in April and UKFast explain why they will be celebrating London Tech Week.

Can overlays increase conversion across your website? Visualsoft have put together an article describing 5 ways you can enhance conversion rates using overlays (pop ups). They are used with the intent to save a customer from exiting your site, navigating customers into areas of your site that you specifically want them to see. Find out more, here.

Stein IAS
Stein IAS are publishing a book charting the pre-modern, modern and fast-emerging new era of ‘Post Modern Marketing. This week, Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Client Officer of Stein IAS explained why post-modern marketing is an important milestone in the evolution of marketing. To find out more, click here.

Steamhaus have put together an article regarding Amazon Web Services (AWS). They posted a 42% jump in revenue during the first fiscal quarter of 2017. What does that mean for Amazon? Find out, here.

Recently, PriceSearcher have put together an infographic and article explaining the search trends based on the 1 million+ searches a month from consumers using their site. It shares category level detail on what is trending to help retailers and brands capitalise on keywords. Find out more, here.

UKFast will be celebrating London Tech Week by providing cyber security conference Unlocked London. This event is set to delve deep into expert’s views into cybersecurity fears with a live demonstration showing just how easy it is to get hacked. Find out more about the event and everything else UKFast have to offer, here.