The eCommerce Theatre, sponsored by World First, will feature some of the North’s leading eCommerce businesses.

Take a look at the programme below for details on each speaker and a synopsis of their talk.


Day One

Time Agenda
10:00 – 10:20 World First
Sam Milton, ‎Corporate & eCommerce FX Consultant
10:40 – 11:00 Blueclaw
Martin Calvert, Marketing Director

“Content marketing and PR”
The new lynchpin of ecommerce SEO – straightforward and data-driven presentation on how ecommerce brands need to use content marketing and PR to unlock media coverage and influencer relationships to drive SEO success.

11:20 – 11:40 Intercultural Elements
Jesse Wragg, Business Development Manager

“From Hundreds to Hundreds of Thousands: How Manchester Businesses are Making the Most of Cross Border Trade”

12:00 – 12:20 Pivot
Neil Tunbridge, Director & Co-Founder

“ – how to access one of the world’s fastest growing Marketplace”

Tophatter is an eCommerce discovery shopping channel and is the self-described Anti-amazon channel. The company has 12 million registered users, and 2 million items are sold each month. Anticipated 2017 sales will be in the region of $350 million, on transactions of roughly $1 million each day. The phone app, where most users interact with the platform, has more than 10 million downloads. Shoppers typically open Tophatter without a particular purchase in mind but often leave with items such as a great refurbished laptop or a new watch that’s 80 percent off retail value.

12:40 – 13:00 Avask
Melanie Shabangu, Tax Partner, AVASK Accounting & Business Consultants
13:00 Lunch
14:00 – 14:20 Digitaloft
James Brockbank, Managing Director

“eCommerce SEO: How to Compete with Industry Leaders on a Smaller Budget”

14:30 – 14:50 Understanding E
Dave Furness, Director & Co-Founder

“Minimising Risk with Multi-channel eCommerce”
The likes of eBay and Amazon are powerhouses in global marketplace eCommerce and have led to many businesses getting started online.

This however brings a unique set of risks to you and your business. Here we will talk about the unique opportunity the marketplaces bring but also how you can best spread the risk within your eCommerce business.

15:00 – 15:20 Klevu
Nilay Oza, CEO & Founder

“Amazonification of discovery: Intersection of conversations and AI”
The top 50 online retailers are fast adopting disruptive technologies that enable completely new way of product discovery on the store. Amazon is unquestionable leader in the pack and therefore the trend is referred to as Amazonification of commerce. In this talk, Nilay will share insights into Amazonification of discovery. In particular, Nilay will explore key trends in conversational commerce and AI in retail. He will also surface concrete actions for retailers.

 15:30 Close


Day Two

Time Agenda
10:00 – 10:20 World First
Craig Agutter, Head of eCommerce EMEA
10:40 – 11:00 MadeByPi
Chris Leo, Director of Innovation & Tom Wild, Lead Strategic Designer

“Big ideas for brave businesses”
Working against the clock, shackled by internal forces? Break through by thinking fast and moving faster. Covering cutting-edge innovation and UX strategies to turbocharge your business, we’ll give real-world examples of how we’re helping brands lead in the ‘Age of the Customer’.

11:20 – 11:40 Master Mindset
Simon Jack, Creative Scientist & Martin Lucas, CEO

“How to read your customers mind”
Have you ever wondered what makes people buy certain products?
Why we pick certain brands over another?
What it takes to win the loyalty of a customer?
How a personalised experience keeps customers coming back for more and more?
We think about that kind of stuff a lot and use science, psychology, data and fun to figure out e-commerce challenges.

12:00 – 12:20 Maginus
Gavin Masters, Head of eCommerce Consulting

“How can you turbo-charge results from your B2B eCommerce Platform?”
You’re happy with your B2B eComm Platform, but the results feel like it’s in second gear. Gavin Masters, Head of eCommerce Consulting at Maginus will explain what else you need to consider to get your digital results into top gear.”

12:20 – 12:40 Octashop
Neil McGowan, Digital Technology Adviser

“Don’t miss the opportunity – Digitally Disrupt your product supply chain”
Digital Transformation has largely focused on the customer experience, delivering increasingly compelling Digital Customer Journeys. Product supply chain systems often damage this experience by limiting flexible presentation and search for products. Deploying a digital supply chain will eliminate this, fixing searchandise problems, turbocharging the pipeline of new products and distributing them to a wider, possibly international, customer base.

Digital Supply chain is a new way of thinking, enabled by cutting edge cloud technology, and building on top of, rather than replacing your legacy product management technology.

12:40 – 13:00 We Are Pentagon Ltd
Graham Broughton, Managing Director Europe

“The A to Z of Managing Marketplaces Local, Regionally and Globally”
Having joined Pentagon in 2015 as part of the acquisition team, Graham has risen through the ranks to become Managing Director Europe. His passion for ecommerce, and specifically marketplaces, started when he ran his own online business Clickcarparts, which inspired him to delve deeper into how marketplaces could be leveraged to support other retailers’ online growth. During his talk, Graham will share some of the insights he has gained throughout his years in ecommerce, focusing specifically on how to develop a success international marketplace strategy – covering everything from selecting the right channels to amplifying your sales reach.

13:00 Lunch
14:00 – 14:20 Marketplace Panel
14:30 – 14:50 Mabo Media
Rob Jackson, Head of Paid Search

“Feed optimisation tips to supercharge your Google Shopping performance”
Learn how to optimise your Google Shopping feed effectively by following these industry leading strategies. Google Shopping is an ever evolving platform which is why it is vital to know how these optimisation tips can keep your ecommerce business one step ahead of your competition. We at Mabo Media are a specialist PPC Management agency who pride ourselves on the results we achieve for our clients. Google Shopping is a huge part of our service offering. Because of this we are well positioned to advise and demonstrate how a well optimised Google Shopping feed can supercharge your overall PPC advertising performance.

15:00 – 15:20 First 10
Andrew Campbell, Martech Director

“Realise the true value of content marketing by understanding user interactions to reveal and serve real-time purchase intent.

To develop real competitive advantage, retail brands must re-think the digital commerce experience.”

With diminishing returns on investment, better CRO and increased media spend are no longer enough. Retail brands using Magento can compete by generating first-party data to fuel a compelling, real-time, digital customer experience across the whole purchase cycle. And, at the same time, create and scale the right value propositions for the medium term. We’re talking about content that people want in their lives that’s ever-more personalised based on a number of relevant dimensions – such as purchase intent, product interest, content or topic interest or loyalty – and used to shape the omnichannel brand experience.

Content interactions that generate owned, first-party data is the imperative – the means to understand intent and in turn becoming more certain about marketing priorities and investments. Ambitious retail brands, using Magento Enterprise, can now compete with the high-end marketing cloud platforms used by much bigger competitors, without re-platforming and incurring scaling license fees and locked contracts.

15:30 Close