The eCommerce Theatre, sponsored by Vaimo, features some of the UK’s leading eCommerce businesses.


Take a look at this year’s programme below with details on each speaker and the synopsis of their talk.

Day One Agenda Day Two Agenda

Day One

Time Day One Agenda
10:20 – 10:40 Vaimo
11:00 – 11:20 Cynthia Heywood Beldon, Sales Director, UK, Kelkoo
“Increase your performance with Kelkoo – our guide to maximising the Google opportunity for your business”

Google’s landscape continues to change, with the recent announcements of Comparison Listing Ads and changes to the CSS partner qualifying criteria. Join us as we help you navigate these changes and explain what new opportunities are available for your business.

11:40 – 12:00 Serafina Valente, CEO, Logist Compare
“How Changes in the UK-EU relationship impact Warehousing?”

The talk will present the current implications that the logistics – the warehousing sector in particular- is facing in view of the current changes in the UK-EU relationship.

EU is one of the major trading partners for UK with £360 million in trade value. What customers can proactively do to prepare and these changes? Stockpiling is only one of the challenges that our customers are currently facing while warehouse providers are getting a 50% uplift in demand.

LogistCompare is online marketplace to help clients to find stockpiling solutions. This cutting-edge innovation, for customers looking for either short or long term solution which allow customers to get space easily and cost effective.

Serafina has 20 years Logistics experience under her belt, having worked in various industries including one of the most prestigious brands in the UK.

During the talk, Serafina will share insights gained through experience, with a clear focus on how to help customers to navigate through the current logistical changes and improve the operational efficiencies for eCommerce and retailers.

12:20 – 12:40 Fluid Digital
14:20 – 14:40 Michael Ashworth, Co-Founder & Managing Director & Ewan MacLeod, Product & Support Manager, Nublue
“Preparing for a Move to Magento 2”

The development, business and infrastructure considerations to consider when moving to when moving to Magento 2


Day Two

Time Day Two Agenda
10:20 – 10:40 Ian Hammersley, CEO & Author, Smartebusiness
“Scaling your eCommerce revenue to 10 million +”

Time and time again we see retailers struggling to scale, because they know their stats, but they don’t know the benchmarks and where their KPI’s should be. In this talk, Ian will focus on the 7 KPI’s that drive eCommerce success and he will look at the things you need to do to drive revenue. With 15 years experience building eCommerce brands and his own book, The Ultimate Guide To eCommerce Growth, this session will inspire, excite and give you key takeaways to hit the ground running in your business. Ian will also be providing 1-2-1 KPI benchmarking sessions and copies of his book on the Smartebusiness stand (14) throughout the show.

11:00 – 11:20 Sarah Willcocks, CEO & Owner, Screen Pages ltd
“Progressive Web Apps: the Future of Mobile Commerce”

What are PWAs and why are merchants using them to overhaul and improve customers’ mobile shopping experiences? PWAs promise to bring the high speeds and slick user experiences of native apps to mobile browsers. Examples of merchants using PWAs already will be included along with results.

11:40 – 12:00 Colin Neil, VP Business Development, Adyen
“Why care about payments?”

When you think about payments do you think about cost or growth? Looking at some of the world’s most innovative businesses, Colin Neil challenges the audience to think about the role payments play in their businesses today and how that role changes with a different management lens.

12:20 – 12:40 Laura Garrity, eCommerce Manager, Domu Group & Amy Marks, EMEA Marketing Manager, Klevu
“Spotlight: Harnessing Data & AI for personalisation”

With Google and Amazon making improvements to their search functions on an almost weekly basis we are of the opinion that when a user reaches your site, they should be greeted with a seamless and personalised search experience.

Join this session to explore how Domu Brands harness data and the power of AI to drive revenue online and improve the UX for site visitors.

This workshop will explore some of the topline strategies used at Domu Brands including:
– How they transformed their website with Vaimo to deliver a better customer experience from a brand level
– Connect with customers when they are on your site and make sure they are seeing relevant (and wanted) content
– Be more efficient in your merchandising strategy by using a layer of automated machine-learning
– Best use advanced reporting/ search insights to plan your onsite merchandising strategy.
– Improve conversion rate through search
– Tips on implementing AI into your eCommerce tech stack

14:00 – 14:20 Stephen Hill, Senior eCommerce Strategist, Vaimo
“The Evolution of Persuasion in Commerce”