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It’s not lost on us that every second counts when it comes to selling online.

This is why at TeleData, you’ll find all the elements are in place to maximise and protect the potential of every precious visitor that clicks through to the online stores that you have a stake in. To us, this means delivering and supporting a secure, resilient, high performance platform.

At our comprehensive Hosting Hub right here in Manchester, you’ll find a choice of technologies to help you work in the way that suits you best at any given time. Use our on-demand cloud data centres and servers to instantly align your hosting requirements with changing market conditions. Or, shore up and satisfy stable hosting workloads with physical dedicated servers and the most secure colocation and rackspace to be found in the country.

What’s more, because we designed, built and maintain the Tier III data centre we’ve called home since 2007 – not to mention the services that run within it – we can’t think of a better-qualified place for you to get all the support you need from people who know their stuff. Call on us and tap into years of expertise that covers everything from data centre infrastructure and managed networks, to sys-admin and cloud support – again, in the way that suits you best, whether that’s by phone, email or in person.

It’s all part our Hosting Hub, and the reason why eCommerce infrastructure managers, online store developers and owners entrust their hosting journey to TeleData.

What do they offer?

  • On-demand cloud servers and cloud data centres (Infrastructure as a Service)
  • Linux and Windows dedicated servers
  • Cloud Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and contingency backup
  • Manchester colocation