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QuarticON is a fully automated, personalized product recommendation solution for online retailers and content distribution platforms.

QuarticON sales & marketing personalization cloud is an AI-based recommendation engine that optimizes e-commerce offers, by predicting which products are the most probable to be purchased.

Based on its cutting edge technology, the system uses self-learning algorithms that collect large quantities of behavioral data from individuals who visit an online store. Quarticon Engine displays using widgets fully personalized products and or content..

The engine works in real time as soon as the user visits the online stores, allowing for a smooth interaction with customers via different channels and devices.

Implementation of QuarticON AI engine across any online stores comes with a major advantage: it maximizes the efficiency with minimal human intervention.

Satisfied customers buy more, convert better and are much more likely to return.

Quarticon AI engine creates a personalized shopping experience that helps to reduce bounce rate, cart abandonment, higher revenue, increase AOV and conversion rate uplift.