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Our mission is to make online shopping more enjoyable by delivering customers personalized shopping experiences.

Tens of thousands of online retailers across the globe use Nosto to recommend highly relevant products to their customers in real-time across their entire shopping journey.

Nosto was founded in 2011 by Juha Valvanne, Antti Pöyhönen and Jani Luostarinen, three Finns who came together with a shared vision.

As an e-commerce advisor for online stores and as a founder of several successful online stores Juha was tired of seeing online merchants struggling with existing online marketing tools.

At the same time, elsewhere in Finland, Antti, who had spent the past 10 years building e-commerce platforms, had invented a way to provide merchants with a live view on what was happening on the online store.

And Jani, an expert at cloud computing and getting results out of big data, was working on an infrastructure that could serve millions of online stores and visitors.