Khaos Control

British Business Management Software – Personal Installation, Local Support, Chaos Controlled

How do you control your business chaos? Keep track of inventory? Delivery? Accounts? If you’re using multiple software packages, spreadsheets or even pen and paper, there’s a better way. It’s called Khaos Control. It’s a single solution that brings together all your processes including:

Others provide these individually. Not us. All of Khaos Control’s features are available from day one. There’s no going through the hassle of installation, only to find you need to shell out for another module down the line.

We’ve been nurturing long-term business relationships since 2000. Clients have stuck by us, which is not only a fantastic endorsement of our software and the skill of our workforce, but a direct result of our philosophy.

Our philosophy that YOUR growth is OUR growth. That we want you to succeed with a business management solution that keeps costs low and productivity high.

Our location, in the country’s heart at Grantham, is important to us. It strengthens engagement with customers, laying the groundwork for great partnerships, because we’re physically close to everyone.