Kelkoo Group will be exhibiting at eCommerce Show North this year.

2018 has been a dismal year for the UK high street. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics, almost 3,200 stores have shut since 2014, with much-loved brands such as Debenhams, House of Fraser and John Lewis announcing country-wide cutbacks and poor profits.

Experts have even gone on to suggest that 2082 could be the year the high-street dies, but if you are a retailer looking to break into ecommerce and omnichannel opportunities, worry not – you have 64 years on your side.

Omnichannel marketing has become key to marketing success as customers engage with companies in a variety of ways, including in a physical store, online via websites and mobile apps, through physical and virtual catalogues, and through social media. People also interact with brands and companies using apps on smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and laptops. The challenge for organisations is to make all of these interactions and experiences as seamless, consistent, and effective as possible for customers.

Looking to improve your omnichannel approach or buoyed on by the success of ASOS? Read on to find out how you can give your business the boost that it needs…

Put the customer first

Just as you would in a bricks and mortar store, put the customer first if you want to turn clicks into conversions in your online shop. Omnichannel is positioned to help you to provide a better user experience for consumers, and better yet, you can use your in-house knowledge and experience accrued from bricks and mortar business to improve your overall digital profile. Begin by using any first-party data that you have and use it – from user profiles to online search behaviour or even stats from SalesForce or your internal CRM, you can shape this information to provide an experience that will keep your customers coming back to your store.

Rethink your digital approach

From Starbucks to Ted Baker, big brands are going digital to improve their shopping experience for customers. It takes more than just an app to improve your omnichannel approach. Research has shown that 47% of shoppers who engage with brands on 10 more channels will make purchases from their favourite companies at least once a week, compared to 21% who just engage on up to four channels. From showcasing your offering on Instagram to rewarding your retailers instore for online purchases, a successful digital strategy is key for the success of your omnichannel campaign.

Consider the bigger picture

The way that we shop is changing on an almost monthly process, with new apps and mobile technology designed to improve user experience, while offering speed and convenience. Do consider the bigger picture and ensure that your omnichannel approach is flexible enough to shape and develop with the times.

Keen to learn more about how ecommerce is shaping the future of the British high-street? Robin Lewis, Strategic Partnerships Manager, will be presenting at Manchester-based trade show Ecommerce North this 6th and 7th November. Contact us to book a meeting with our UK Sales team, at stand 70…