LogistCompare – Key to growth in 2019

LogistCompare will be exhibiting at eCommerce Show North this year.

For any retailer looking to grow in 2019 an efficient supply chain will be the key.  

The steps in your supply lines form your supply chain ecosystems – an intricate interweaving of information and product flows connecting “organisations, industries and economies”. A developed supply chain ecosystem provides a tactical, multifaceted and worldwide competitive advantage. New rivals face great difficulty entering or competing with an already established system of customer-supplier relationships across continents.

Today, in every forward-thinking business, the chief supply chain officer is likely to sit on the corporate board. This shows how vital supply chain functions have become in enabling a business to thrive, driving revenue and differentiating against the competition. 

In this cut-throat arena, companies must continuously strive to enhance their warehousing, transport and inventory management capabilities. This is where LogistCompare sits and helps global companies grow. 

The key to LogistCompare is four parts:

1. Visibility – Use technology to have full visibility of your current warehousing.

2. Collaboration – Assign clear responsibility and accountability among your logistics network partners.

3. Flexibility – Watch for changes in supply and demand, and have an agile, adaptive response prepared.

4. Speed – enabling a “rapid-response mechanism”; act immediately to address threats or needs.

London, Lille, Dubai, Chicago and Atlanta are crucial logistics hubs, but who ensures that these ports and terminals connect to “empower global trade”? 

LogistCompare gives our clients direct access to “freight, transport, warehousing and planning services” which is the glue that binds together various points in your chain and enables your growth. LogistCompare offers our clients innovative solutions to help them cut transportation costs, reduce inventory and make the most effective use of our logistics assets. 

Our clients see that we are key for any company that is looking to strive for greater economies of scale and larger “geographical footprints.”