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In an increasingly competitive retail sector, today’s consumers expect more from brands than ever before.

Shoppers needs are shaping the way that retailers and market their business, providing an experience that is more than just clicking and selecting a product on a page. These five trends will help you to grow your online store and continue to grow and expand your business in 2019 and beyond.

Augmented reality

From trying a new item of furniture out before you buy, to tailored ads and individual product recommendations, augmented reality and the power of personalised algorithms are shaping the way that consumers shop. Furniture giants Ikea and Wayfair have even developed their own apps, enabling browsers to place their products in their own homes. While luxury retailers such as Burberry have even developed an app allowing shoppers to browse and shop the latest catwalk trends as they are unveiled during Fashion Week.  Boost your opportunities for brand engagement, and customers will keep coming back to your store

Social shopping

From Instagram Shopping to tagged shopping hauls on Youtube, social channels are speeding up the overall customer experience – a fact that Pureplay retailers are using as an integral part of their campaigns. Speed and convenience are now key for today’s social shopper – so if you have not yet made the most of social media then you could risk getting left behind.

Embracing everybody

According to the “The Trends Shaping 2019,” a new report from credit card company Alliance Data, body positivity and gender neutrality are seeing brands having to rethink the value in each and every shopper. From fashion brand Boohoo embracing un-airbrushed models, to Chanel launching their own makeup line for men, inclusiveness is a key tend for the 2019 retail landscape.

Bot reviews

With businesses and consumers exchanging over 8 billion Facebook messages on a monthly basis, and the retail industry ranking second when it comes to total messages sent, Facebook Messenger is leading the way with the power of Messenger bots. From bots to combat cart abandonment to enabling consumers to place their orders via the Facebook app, chatbots are a must-have if you are looking to create a memorable shopping experience during 2019.

Experiences and interaction

As consumers are looking for speed and convenience, changes are afoot when it comes to the items on which they are willing to spend their hard-earned cash. Experiences, from eyebrow waxing to hot air balloon rides are seeing brands rethink how to position their products during marketing campaigns. Ensuring that your store has a bespoke range of products and services will also boost your online sales.

Kelkoo Group has 20 years’ experience in ecommerce, digital advertising and consumer analytics. We can support your entire campaign, from set up through to tracking sales and conversion data to help you get the results your business needs to succeed.

Keep these consumer trends in mind and you are sure to remain at the forefront of shoppers’ minds.