Manchester’s emerging ecommerce platform Shopit is able to announce that it is to collaborate with the first new additions to its Premier Partner programme.

Award winning North West agencies Klick n Tap and Lo & Behold will offer Shopit websites to their ecommerce clients, as an alternative to established brands like Magento and Woocommerce.

It’s another major boost for the fast moving software house, which is set to make its first public appearance at eCommerce Show North on October 11th and 12th at Event City.

Startup to watch

As one of the ten ‘startups to watch’ selected by Tech North, Shopit will be offering demo workshops to agencies and clients alike, to show how the platform delivers proper efficiencies and organisation to the fast and furious world of ecommerce.
The 2 newest Premier Partners have already highlighted a number of ways that their agency is going to benefit from offering Shopit as an option.

Faster turnarounds
The two agencies, which are established players in the digital sector, were impressed by the versatility and speed of build when they trialled the new system.
“We’ve already seen a distinct and measurable improvement in our efficiencies”, explains Kit Hargreaves of Klick N Tap, which has offices in both Manchester and Hull.
“A Shopit site is quicker and easier to put together than Magento CE, and we can bill at the same rates because it matches the functionality. Clients are seeing faster turnaround times too.”

Creative Freedom
Fellow agency owner Dave Bowers of Lo & Behold was impressed by the creative freedom that the platform enables.
“As a design agency, the freedom to be creative is important to our identity as people and as a solution provider”, he explains.
“We begin each web project with client workshops to explore the brand, what’s being offered and the client’s motivations. Shopit gives us that freedom – to code front ends however and in whatever codebase we want.”

Closer Support
Bowers also highlighted the benefit of being able to work closely with a local software house on a new system, as it allows them to be much more responsive to client needs and issues.
“Working with the Shopit team is a far more collaborative experience than other platforms, which is inspiring. It’s UK – and indeed Manchester – support which makes projects run smoother”.
Meanwhile, Shopit director Adam Pritchard is delighted with the progress of the platform.
“This is a major breakthrough for us as the platform is fast become a recognised brand on the Manchester tech scene”, enthuses Pritchard. “Once they see the platform, our credibility amongst agencies is growing all the time”.
“Alongside our upcoming conference appearance, and our recent nomination for an Digital Entrepreneur Award, it shows we are making real headway as a business this year”.

Shopit will be appearing at the eCommerce Show North on Oct 11th & 12th, at Trafford’s Event City venue.
The winners of the Digital Entrepreneur Awards are announce on the 22nd November.
You can follow them at @ShopItCommerce on Twitter, for updates.