Magento Open Source Versus Magento Commerce

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Which platform is right for your business?

Magento rebranded its product suite in June 2017, renaming and reconfiguring the three primary Magento platforms into two. Magento Community Edition is now known as Magento Open Source, whilst Magento Enterprise and Magento Cloud Edition become Magento Commerce.

All versions of Magento share the same core code base with Enterprise adding additional licensed features. This provides a secure and scalable solution for your eCommerce business and a potential migration path between versions. Which Magento platform you choose really depends on your business needs and future growth plans. With so much varying advice out there, we appreciate it’s not an easy decision.

So, if you’re looking to migrate to or build on Magento, we’re hoping to provide a bit more clarity on which version is the right one for you.

Magento Open Source for Start-ups and Small Businesses

Magento Open Source provides all the basic performance and features needed to run an eCommerce store. It is the license free version of Magento which makes it more accessible for startup businesses and small businesses who are potentially new to the industry or have a limited budget. Although this version does not have the same capabilities as Magento Commerce, it can be customised through additional extensions or custom development.

Both Open Source and Commerce users can take advantage of Magento 2’s improved capabilities including Varnish caching, browser caching, asynchronous processing, and page minification and merging. Plus, they have the same access to the Magento Marketplace, which enables you to purchase additional Magento 2 extensions to further your website functionality.

Despite this, Open Source will not scale operationally as you grow which may cause issues in terms of offering eCommerce service in the future, and it does not offer Magento’s support (which means you will have no assistance if your platform crashes… even if it’s in the middle of Black Friday!) It’s also important to note that, whilst it is entirely possible to upgrade from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce, the ease of doing this will be impacted by the amount of customisation which has taken place. For example, not all third party modules are compatible with Enterprise and as a result of this some refactoring may be required.

In summary, we believe this is the ideal platform for startups and smaller businesses and despite its drawbacks, there are a number of well-known retailers who’ve managed to adapt their Open Source website to keep up with their growing requirements and customer expectations.

Magento Commerce for ambitious and Established Businesses

For businesses looking for something more secure and operationally scalable than Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce offers a more robust option with enterprise-level features right out of the box. Depending on the size of your business, Magento Commerce is available in two monthly pricing tiers, the Starter subscription starts at $1,999 per month, whilst the Pro subscription starts at $3,399. Each plan includes support and Cloud-based hosting and infrastructure, which means Magento will handle any hosting challenges such as redundancy, disaster recovery and dynamic scaling.

Whilst marketing tools can be integrated with Open Source, Magento Commerce boasts a range of advanced marketing tools including content scheduling, dynamic customer segmentation, cart abandonment emails and personalisation tools which have seen users increase sales significantly.

The Magento Commerce admin also allows return and exchange rules, and other customer service features such as gift wrap options, wish lists, gift cards and store credit. Vital features for any brand interested in improving their brand loyalty and increasing repeat sales.

Not only this, Magento is constantly improving their platform through ongoing research and development, so if you have an enterprise license you will benefit from this and get immediate access to any new features they implement.

Magento Commerce is designed for larger organisations and is ideal for those who require reliability and availability. It offers one native platform for B2C and B2B with the option to add as many storefronts as you want. For B2B retailers it is the ideal option as it includes everything you need to manage B2B sites for multiple brands, channel partners, or key accounts.

In Summary

When considering what functionality you will need it’s important to consider the next 5 years. For ambitious retailers, Open Source will have some restraints, and it is important to understand what additional extensions would need to be installed and what custom development would need to be undertaken to allow your business to keep up with its potential growth. Extensions are ‘bolted onto the outside’ of the application, which means they will be less integrated to other core features which could potentially cause issues. However, whilst it may not be our preferred option Magento Open Source is a brilliant platform for brands who want to get online quickly and build as they grow.

The platform we recommend to the majority of our customers is Magento Commerce – it’s the most robust and scalable of the two, as well as being a 100% open for customisation. It allows merchants to work on a better basis with supported functionalities and a cleaner code which is more adapted to high demands of traffic and revenue. It’s also good to bear in mind that the extra investment in a higher specification platform is often outweighed by a reduction in maintenance costs, as Magento Commerce merchants will require fewer developers for daily maintenance of the platform.

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Nublue Launch Extensions for Magento

Magento eCommerce specialists Nublue have launched two new extensions for use with the
Magento platform to kick start their new service offering of custom built, bespoke extensions to
help eCommerce websites improve their user experience and functionality.

The extensions – which can be found on Magento Marketplace, come in the form of a shipping
deadline countdown and an invisible ReCAPTCHA for newsletters, with more extensions being
developed for future release.

The Shipping Deadline Countdown is used on product pages and gives users an onscreen
countdown timer, notifying them of the expected delivery date if a purchase is made before the
timer reaches zero – giving potential customers confidence in delivery speed and an extra
incentive to buy before leaving the site.

The Invisible ReCAPTCHA for Newsletters utilises Google’s invisible ReCAPTCHA technology
to prevent spam sign ups to newsletter subscription forms. The Invisible ReCAPTCHA is tied to
the submit button, meaning only suspicious traffic is made to actively perform an action in order
to pass the ReCAPTCHA. Use of this extension stops mail lists filling up with spam, reducing
server load and administrative time.

Nublue’s new extensions are purpose built for simplicity and ease of use and the eCommerce
specialists offer installation and support services when required.

Developed and built by the company’s own Magento certified developers to solve real world
problems or create better user experiences, extensions are not only thoroughly tested for quality
and functionality but also engineered to increase conversion and add maximum value for
eCommerce businesses. With the added benefit that the extensions are easily updated and any
bugs are fixed quickly and efficiently by the development team.

The extensions add to Nublue’s existing development, retainer and hosting services and add to
a growing list of services on offer including SEO, UX and CRO audits and assistance.


Magento Welcomes PureNet as Solution Partner.

UK Ecommerce Agency, PureNet has today announced its partnership with Magento, the largest commerce ecosystem in the world.

Magento relies on its ecosystem of solution, consulting and technology partners to deliver its solution suite to global customers. Acceptance onto the Solution Partner Program is awarded to companies who are focussed on delivering the highest quality of service to new and existing Magento clients. PureNet is now one of just a handful of ecommerce agencies in the UK announced as a trusted Magento Business Partner.

The new partnership signifies the aligning of both companies’ core values and goals – to help merchants grow their business, and to create engaging customer experiences with the Magento Platform. Magento Enterprise Edition, trusted by millions of retailers, boasts an impressive list of out-of-the-box functionality and provides even more options to customise, adapt and scale. As represented by PureNet’s new partnership, the company places a clear focus on the delivery of innovative Magento Enterprise solutions for retailers and brands looking to rapidly grow their businesses.

To ensure its Solution Partner Program is representative of the industry’s finest, requirements for acceptance include Magento Certified Developers, expert Magento Specialists and a number of successful Magento implementations – all of which have been demonstrated by PureNet. The company, with offices in York, London, Manchester and Birmingham, has delivered Magento Enterprise and Community ecommerce solutions for clients including The Royal British Legion, LighterLife and Travelopia.

PureNet Chief Executive, Dr Paul M Gibson, said: “We are delighted to be accepted into the Magento Solution Partner Program. Our focus always has and will be on delivering innovative and effective ecommerce solutions. Working with Magento, the most flexible commerce solution in the world, our team is able to consistently develop solutions that deliver real competitive advantage for PureNet clients. Our new partnership with Magento enables us to remain at the forefront of our industry and our development expertise in Magento Enterprise Edition showcases our ability to deliver unique and engaging shopping experiences. We are very much looking forward to being part of the ecosystem and working alongside Magento!”

For more information visit