How User Generated Content Creates Engagement For eCommerce Brands

Digital Media Team can build, target and re-target specific audience’s and ensure product placement which in turn generates a fantastic ROI.

There’s a real buzz around User Generated Content at the moment and marketers are only just realising how influential it can be for eCommerce brands.

UGC can be any content created by a company’s audience, which shares the brand through the use of a consumer’s own social media.

Consumers are an incredible source for championing products and are able to show potential customers an unbiased view of your brand.

A whopping 86% of millennials have said that User Generated Content shows the true quality of a company and these campaigns should be the next step for any business looking to promote themselves in a positive way.

Here are a few of our favourite User Generated Content campaigns over the past few years…


This time last year we saw American women’s clothing company Aerie launch the #AerieReal Campaign, which encouraged users to post unretouched images of themselves wearing Aerie swim suits.

Not only did they receive thousands of images, they also donated $1 to NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) with every hashtag, which ended with over $10,000 being sent to the charity.

The campaign was so successful that the hashtag is still frequently used today, with the topical subject matter encouraging users to continue to engage with this body-positive message.


This well-known music streaming service is no stranger to UGC campaigns and nobody can forget their immensely popular “Thanks 2016. It’s been weird” project from last year, which saw lighthearted billboards showcasing Spotify users’ play history.

This year they’ve upped their game by targeting individual users and highlighting some of the more bizarre and unique playlists that have been created.

This campaign has been splashed across billboards, as well as quirky videos where artists have commented on a playlist which includes their song.

It’s been a roaring success so far and we can’t wait to see what Spotify comes up with next!


Apple’s #ShotOnIphone campaign has been going for over two years now and it doesn’t look like it will be losing traction any time soon.

After consumers approached the brand about being less than satisfied with the iPhone’s camera, Apple decided to address this upon release of their new device by encouraging consumers to post images with the #ShotOniPhone hashtag.


They even brought in amateur and professional photographers to take images through an iPhone, blowing up the results on billboards across the world.

The campaign continues to be a major success for the brand because Apple not only listened to their consumers concerns, but tackled it by showing that they’d made improvements instead of just saying it.

User Generated Content campaigns are on the rise and we suggest jumping on the bandwagon. It’s a brilliant way to create brand messaging in an enjoyable and engaging way and shows how influential social media can be.